Team Circus

About Us

Team Circus consists of two action packed and multitalented performers.  No strangers to the stage, they toured all over the Northeast at major venues in multiple states as musicians before finding their calling in Circus Arts.  Brian, whose muscular physique owes much to wrestling and working as a personal trainer, was finally chiseled to perfection by the intensive Circus training professional program at Circus Warehouse.  He provides a solid foundation as the base for this acrobatic duo.  His feats of strength awe audiences as he moves effortlessly from one superhuman act to another!

Meanwhile, flying, bending and balancing atop him is Annette, a dreamy eyed art student turned musician turned Acrobat.  Her Bachelors in art and fascination with costume design assist in the ever evolving look of this dynamic duo.  An endless need to create and express herself onstage and off led to the creation of specialty acts that combine storytelling, futuristic themes and costumes, dance, tumbling and Acrobatic balancing.

Their skills include:


Duo Trapeze

Stilt walking

Chinese Pole


and more!

They have performed at massive electronic music festivals for thousands, intimate corporate events, with broadway performers and choreographers and more.

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